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Call Now: (605) 609-2496

For Moving Call 275-MOVE (6683)

We have awesome movers that we charge by the hour for - and they are worth EVERY penny! - $55.00 a man an hour

To start the estimate process, fill out our form on the front page


6% Fuel surcharge to keep us rolling.


We do charge $0.50 a mile to travel outside the Sioux Falls city limits.


There are some extraordinary things that we charge extra for...

     - Large gun safe $200 plus $2 a stair charge and usually involves an extra guy 

     - Upright and Spinet Pianos: $150.00 plus $2.00 per stair and 6% Surcharge

     -  Pool Table: $200 plus $2.00 per stair and 6% Surcharge.